Hi, I am Katie!

I am a wife, mother, once teacher, and photographer. I am wildly busy, but oh so appreciative of this life God has blessed me with. In so many ways I am able to serve so many people every year--my family, friends, and clients. I love them all. I've been photographing couples and loving families for the last ten years and entering into my eleventh.

One year ago I left my teaching career to put myself whole-heartedly into my business. Growing up I watched Shark Tank with my dad and something the businessmen always encouraged the entrepreneurs to do was leave whatever job was holding them back and focus on their business, saying there'd be many doors that would open up leading to further success. I am here to say they are absolutely right. I have never been this busy in my life. And now, working from home, I am able to do the ultimate job of caring for my babies. From the moment they awake to the moment they lay their head to rest, I am able to be around for so many memories that I once missed out on. My littles have my heart and my soul; they are in every step I take and every move I make.

I am based in the Texas Panhandle, but am able and more than willing to travel. My bucket list is to shoot a session (whether it be portraits or wedding) in all 50 states! 

My photography style can be described as natural and simple. I aim to find the truly candid moments between families, couples, and loved ones so as to represent the raw emotions. I also focus on an editing style that isn't too overworked with a hint of warmth--all the while, still genuine and beautiful. With the help of simple prompts when needed, the outcome of your photos with me will be natural and true to who you are.

Billstrom Family

2024 has brought me so much more. A 5 year old boy, 3 year old boy, and a new baby girl.